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Japan Art Expo 2020

Japanese Gallery Kensington is pround to announce Japan Art Expo 2020!

From the organisers of Samurai Art Expo, this is a unique event for anyone interested in Japanese art and crafts.

Following the success of Samurai Art Expo in 2018, the organisers are excited to break new ground with Japan Art Expo, the first largescale event solely dedicated to Japanese art held in Europe. Bringing together admirers of Japanese art from the Kamakura period [1185-1333] to the Present, Japan Art Expo promises to be an exciting opportunity to collect and learn, while networking with people from all parts of the Japanese art industry.

Tickets for Japan Art Expo (June 5-7th 2020) start at €20, with a discount 3-day pass on offer.

An Academic Symposium, Conference and Fair all in one.

Whether you’re looking to buy, learn about, or just have a chance to inspect Japanese art and crafts, Japan Art Expo has it all. Featuring a lecture hall for academic talks and a show floor for admiring and purchasing a diverse variety of art and crafts, this event has something for everyone with an interest in Japanese culture.

Specialized talks

The talks given will be relevant to what is on the show floor. Attendees are encouraged to apply their newfound knowledge immediately on the collections being shown and sold.

A worldwide collection in one place

Dealers and collectors from around the world will be gathering in Utrecht, a central hub for Europe, for this unique three-day event. Inspect, and purchase from, collections of Japanese culture brought to the Netherlands from over three continents.

Curators, Dealers and Restorers

Attendees hail from all fields within Japanese art, from scholars to vendors to restorers. Japan Art Expo is a great opportunity to exchange thoughts, opinions, and contact details with fellow enthusiasts.

A word from Eddy Wertheim, Event Coordinator:

“Following the success of Samurai Art Expo, which brought together an array of exhibitors, collectors and enthusiasts, and served to break down the boundaries between artworks, professionals and those new to the field, Japan Art Expo is driven by the desire to make Japanese art and culture more accessible to a European audience.”

Location: Royal Dutch Jaarbeurs Exhibition and Convention Centre, Utrecht, Netherlands

Dates: Friday June 5th, Saturday June 6th, Sunday June 7th 2020

Ticket Price: €20 Friday or Sunday, €25 Saturday, or €50 3-day pass

How to purchase: tickets available by clicking here.

About Japan Art Expo:

Once again coordinating the event is Eddy Wertheim, manager of the Japanese Gallery Kensington Ltd., London, a major destination for those with a passion for Japanese art and culture. At the heart of Japan Art Expo is Mr. Wertheim’s wish to make Japanese art more accessible to all audiences through a three-day event of symposiums and appraisal sessions working in tandem with a series of talks hosted by scholars and collectors. These will provide visitors with a wealth of knowledge they can use to engage with, and foster a passion for, the Japanese art on show at the event, as well as in their daily life.

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