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Valuation Request Form - Terms and Conditions

As we receive many requests for items to be purchased on a daily basis, to save time for clients and ourselves we request a rough idea of what an individual has got in mind as far as a guide price is concerned for the item(s), if the guide price is close or under what we value the item in question to be, based on a photograph, we will give you a rough quote based on the photograph and request the item to be brought in for a closer examination in order to give a final offer for the item.

The guide price received from the client is NOT used to value the item. We will always apply our own value to the item in question.

For valuation with JG Auction, there will be a 10% commission on the sale price +VAT

If section 2 (Valuation for purchasing) is selected section 3 will need to be filled out in full otherwise we will be unable to process your application.

If however you still wish to bring the item in for valuation, without filling the form out in full this will be taken as a consultancy job and there will be a £30 charge for this service. Otherwise we would recommend you to take the items to another source.

In the case of valuation for insurance purposes, this will be based on the item's projected value over a time period. This will include research information regarding the item in question as well as a certificate of authenticity where it may apply. There is a charge of 15 % of the value that we place on the item or a minimum charge of £50, whichever is greater for this service. We will also advise as to whether or not an item should undergo an insurance evaluation before proceeding. If you are interested in this service, could you kindly send some images of the item(s) and fill in the evaluation form.

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